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The Warrior Brotherhood Veterans Motorcycle Club is a 501(c)(3) veteran organization comprised entirely of active duty, reserve, and national guard veterans who have served, or are currently serving their country HONORABLY in a theater of operations.  It was formed to honor the noble sacrifices made by the sons and daughters who heroically answered their country's call to military duty.


We seek no territory and we have no hidden agendas. We check in and are granted the right to fly by the predominate MC in states where we have chapters. We believe in every veteran's right to ride in peace. We will defend that right without fail.

Pennsylvania State

Schedule of Events and Projects

The events and projects listed here represent the upcoming activities for the next 90 days.  Click on an event to view the details and information or to see events beyond the next 90 day calendar.  Member login required for some specific details to be displayed. 

If you have corrections or additions, please send the information to one of the chapter officers. 

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Pennyslvania Contact Information

Inquiries about the Warrior Brotherhood Veterans Motorcycle Club - Pennsylvania may be directed to:

National Rep - Northeast:  Beef

State President:  Salty

PA Chapter A President:  Poett

PA Chapter X President:  hybrid

PA Warrior Store:  wstore@wbvmcpa.org 

Webmaster:   webmaster@wbvmcpa.org

You are now, and will forever more, be a member of the warrior class.  None of us are capable of going through this alone.  From centuries of experience, the warrior's survival is dependant upon being in the company of other warriors.  Find your "merry band of brothers", whomever they be, and begin to live the life a warrior is due.

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